Medicinally Grown Hemp VS Other Cannabis Plants


Fulcrum is Medicinally Cultivated

Unlike industrial hemp, Fulcrum is made from medicinally grown hemp plants that are high in nutrients. Over eight years of cross breeding the plants have resulted in a phytocannabinoid-rich plant with medicinal benefits for pain, inflammation, stress, cancer, auto-immune diseases, neurological conditions, and other conditions.  In fact, the medicinal hemp used to make Fulcrum products is currently being used in several university studies because it is of such a high quality.  Fulcrum products, which are high in phytonutrients and terpenes, both of which have medicinal benefits for people and animals, are the perfect choice for anyone who wants the highest quality medicinal benefits without the worry of becoming "high."


Difference Between Medicinal Hemp and Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has many uses, including food, paper products, home products, clothing, and more.  Industrial hemp grows tall, often up to 14 or 15 feet in height.  

Unlike industrial hemp, medicinally grown hemp has been carefully cultivated by top agricultural and horticultural scientists to increase the  Phytocannabinoids.  Fulcrum is classified as an industrial hemp, but it is much more medicinally beneficial than regular industrial hemp.


Difference Between Medicinal Hemp and Medical Cannabis

While both medical cannabis and medicinal hemp are grown from the sativa strain of the cannabis plant, medical cannabis is high in THC, making it illegal to use in many states.  Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, it is often difficult to purchase as people need a prescription, which requires costly doctor visits.

Medicinal hemp provides all the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana but without the problem of THC.  There is no need for expensive doctor visits, no need to worry about the hassle of filling a prescription each month, no need to worry about legality, and no need to worry about employer required drug testing.

Organically Grown and Carefully Processed


Colorado Farm

Fulcrum products are produced from non-GMO, organic medicinal hemp plants grown in Colorado.  Because the hemp farm is located in a remote area of Colorado, the land is clean, meaning that the plants are not polluted with run-off from other farms or manufacturing plants, which is another added benefit of Fulcrum products.  Also, the farm is in full compliance with section 7606 of the Farm Bill. 



Extraction and Purification

The proprietary extraction process used to make Fulcrum products is a state of the art process that allows for high levels of phytocannabinoids.  The process utilizes a chromatography technique which allows for the identification.  


Quality Control

Fulcrum products undergo a rigorous quality control system during production.  On-site chromatography testing, and third party testing ensures the highest quality full spectrum oils and other products.  Fulcrum oils do not contain any solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides, which means our products are exceptionally clean and safe.