Frequently Asked Questions -- how can Hemp help you?


Is CBD legal?

Cannabidiol - CBD is a cannabinoid compound in both the cannabis plant and hemp plant.  Medicinally grown hemp is legal because it does NOT create a "high."

Is it legal where I live?  Yes.  If you live in the United States, then it is legal.  In 2004 the 5th Circuit Court found CBD to be 100% legal because it doesn't cause psychoactive activity as it does not have THC, and is not on the Schedule 1 list.


What is the difference between CBD medicinal hemp and THC medical marijuana?

How can CBD help you?  Everyone has heard of medical marijuana, but many people do not understand how CBD hemp oil can produce the same benefits as medical marijuana without the "high."  The cannabis hemp plant without THC and the cannabis plant with THC (also called marijuana) are both derived from the same genus and species of plant but how they are grown differentiates the two.  CBD processes through the CB1 and CB2 receptors to provide medicinal benefits.  It does NOT create a "high."  CBD can help with relaxation, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and more.  In fact, large doses of CBD may be taken without negative effects.  However, the THC (marijuana) plant overstimulates neurotransmitters, causing a "high" and a bliss effect.  Also, too much THC can cause headaches.  Both can help a series of health issues, but the key is receiving the correct dosage to meet your needs.


If I take CBD, will it show-up on a urinalysis test?

CBD will not show any reading on a urinalysis test because there is no THC or just a trace amount of THC that is less than .03%. However, if you choose to get a prescription for THC medical marijuana, you will need to show your employer a medical cannabis card because THC medicinal marijuana will produce positive results if you are drug tested.  Many people choose to use medicinally grown CBD hemp because they get the medicinal benefits and do not have to worry about passing a drug test.